Miscellaneous Policies

Advertising Policy

Ad Content: The content of the ads projected for advertisement requires the publisher’s approval. The Editorial Board of the journal & publisher reserves all rights to reject advertisement proposals that are inappropriate for the journal content. The editorial content of the journal is not compromised for commercial interest of the advertising agencies and clients. Advertisements harmful for human and animal health or that may enforce a negative impact on the environment will be rejected primarily. Moreover, indecent and offensive racial, ethnic or religious content will not be accepted. 

Requirements: Ad files should be submitted as PDFs, JPG and PNG. All images should be embedded and the image quality must be retained.

Discounts: Discounts may be provided by the publisher upon negotiation. 

Payment Terms: The Ad will be published online on the publication dates provided. While the printable will only be available after 10 days of publication. The advertising agencies are required to transfer the payment shortly after the agreement.

For advertising inquiries & reservations contact at pakheartj@gmail.com


Archiving Policy

Pakistan Heart Journal (PHJ) has a data depositing function installed via PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) that digitally preserves the Journals regulating under Open Journal System (OJS). We support digital archiving to ensure the security and accessibility of the data. Pakistan Heart Journal maintains its archives through Archives Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center (PASTIC).  



  • Crossmark is an initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current version of a piece of content. By applying the Crossmark button, Pakistan Heart Journal is committing to maintaining the content it publishes and to alert readers to changes if and when they occur.
  • Clicking on the Crossmark button will tell you the current status of a document and may also give you additional publication record information about the document.


Editorial Independence

Pakistan Heart Journal is published by the Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS). Maintaining an unbiased system we assure editorial independence. The journal owners do not interfere in the journal processing and decision making in terms of publication. However, they may communicate regarding the policies or other structural issues but the editorial decision remains un-influenced by the publisher advice.


Data Availability

Pakistan Heart Journal follows COPE guidelines for data availability and reproducibility. As per the policy, the authors are requested to provide all the data files to the editors of the journal upon request. Moreover, a data availability statement must be mentioned after the methodology section clearly indicating the data availability. However, in the case of a large dataset, we recommend the authors to share it through online repositories. If the authors are unable to share the study data via repository, it is their responsibility to provide the data to the editors within the given duration by any other means.  



Our policy on preprints servers of research articles is summarized below:

The original submitted version of the manuscript (the version that has not undergone peer review) may be posted at any time. Authors are recommended to disclose preprint posting details at the time of manuscript submission.

Pakistan Heart Journal fully supports and encourages the archiving of preprints in any recognized, not-for-profit, preprint server, such as arXiv, bioRxiv or medRxiv.

Pakistan Heart Journal places no restrictions on the license chosen when posting a preprint version of work.

Pakistan Heart Journal does not recommend that Accepted Manuscripts are placed on preprint servers. Pakistan Heart Journal produces the Version of Record very quickly after manuscripts are accepted.

Upon publication of the article, please add the following text to preprint server:

 “This article has been published in [insert full citation] following peer review and can also be viewed on the journal’s website at [insert DOI].