Review Article

These are comprehensive review articles on topics of current interest in Cardiology. The review should not exceed 5000 words (including tables, and figures). Authors submitting review articles should include the following sections;


  • Must contain an unstructured abstract up to 150 words
  • Must provide sufficient rationale of conducting the review
  • Take home message of the review must be provided
  • 3-6 keywords must be provided


  • Subject introduced in sufficient detail with latest references
  • Rationale of study provided
  • Objective defined in last paragraph

Critical Overview of Literature:

  • A critical overview must be focused and relevant to the topic under discussion
  • Past knowledge and recent developments must be outlined
  • Must be presented with clarity and appropriate literature must be cited
  • Only original articles must be cited


  • Conclusion(s) must reflects the study objectives
  • Conclusion(s) must give concise take-home message of the study


  • Number of references must be no more than 60
  • Must be written in Vancouver style
  • Most (60%) of the references must be less than five years old
  • Pakistani/local literature must be included