Confidentiality and Pre-Publicity

Confidentiality: Editors, authors, and reviewers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the overall editorial and peer review process of the submitted manuscript. According to our policy, the review process is double-blind and conducted anonymously. The identity of the reviewer and authors are not disclosed. The reviewers are not allowed to discuss anything regarding the submitted manuscript with others, except as authorized by the Editor. While the authors are expected to avoid publicizing details regarding a respective manuscript until publication.

Pre-publicity: Pakistan Heart Journal strictly recommend that authors should not discuss their work with media or other journals before publication.  In case, if the manuscript under consideration in Pakistan Heart Journal leaks to press and media before publication. The journal holds all the rights to investigate the case and the editors will access the authors' cooperation with journalists during this process. The final decision depends upon the editors' judgment. If the journal policies are broken, the manuscript will be rejected in spite of the fact that it will be in the press.  

The material submitted to Pakistan Heart Journal can be presented in scientific meetings. Moreover, the authors are free to present abstracts in conference proceedings as well. Contributions submitted to the journal may be posted on websites such as wikis or the author's blog. With the exception that the website name and URL would be provided in the cover letter along with the manuscript submitted, to the editor of the journal.