Case Report

Manuscript of type Case Report must contain the following sections;


  • Must contain an unstructured abstract of up to 100 words
  • Must provide a concise snapshot of the case report covering presentation, diagnosis, management, and outcomes
  • 3-6 keywords must be provided


  • Subject must be introduced in sufficient detail with relevant references
  • Purpose of reporting case must be mentioned

Case Report:

  • Presentation must be mentioned in sufficient detail
  • Appropriate diagnosis must be mentioned in sufficient detail
  • Appropriate management must be mentioned in sufficient detail
  • Follow-up and outcomes must be mentioned in sufficient detail


  • No more than 4 figures/images must be provided
  • Patients identification details must be removed
  • Appropriate caption and labels must be provided for each figure
  • Images must be clear, not stretched out, or distorted
  • Area of interests must be marked and annotated on the images
  • Informed consent must be obtained and mentioned


  • Must be centered to subject under study with critical review of literature
  • Take home message or key learning points must be mentioned


  • Number of references must be no more than 15
  • Must be written in Vancouver style
  • Most (60%) must be less than five years old
  • Pakistani/local literature must be included